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 Welcome to Craig S Scale

Here at this website it's all about S Scale Model Railroading,S Scale only spoken here!

The 1/64 Scale,is a great model railroading scale

and yes those scale 110 wheels look just about right in S Scale

not to be confused with S Gauge American Flyer Hi Rail  etc. !


Craig S Scale Spotlight

The MVSG 2018 S Spree Air Force Boxcar (American Models)


My SP (Cah Branch) Railroad


I'm proud to have this car in my s scale rolling stock inventory,
cause I served in the Air Force,
Godbless to all of those who have served our country



 Why S Scale 

I wasn't always an s scale model railroader,so to help other model railroaders who have been in Ho & N Scale who are ready for a change to a better model railroading scale.In my opinion there's alot of bias against s scale via Ho & N,please be advised that s scale has nothing to do with American Flyer & toy train collectors though they have they're place too,and if your like I was you too may think s scale is related to s gauge toy trains etc.The truth is s scale model railroading is the same as what they call  ho scale or n scale model railroading,yet in my opinion better because of size and that certain heftiness and closer to the prototype lacking from both Ho & N scales.So here at my  website it's all about S Scale Model Railroading or also Fine Scale Model Railroading in 1/64th (S) Scale



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