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Welcome to Craig S Scale

Here at this website it's all about S Scale Model Railroading

The 1/64 Scale,a great model railroading scale

not to be confused with S Gauge American Flyer  etc. !



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My visit to the 2019 S Fall Fest St. Louis,Mo


Why S Scale 

Below is my story of why I'm an s scale model railroader,to help other model railroaders who have been in Ho & N Scale who are ready for a change to a better model railroading scale.In my opinion there's alot of bias against s scale via Ho & N,please be advised that s scale has nothing to do with American Flyer & toy train collectors though they have they're place too,and if your like I was you too may think s scale is related to s gauge toy trains etc.The truth is s scale model railroading is the same as what they call  ho scale or n scale model railroading,yet in my opinion better because of size and that certain heftiness closer to prototype standards lacking from both of those scales.So here at my website it's all about S Scale Model Railroading.

Why I chose S Scale

I was without a model railroad layout for about 10 years (ouch) due to circumstances that happened in our lives.For me it was like starting anew in the hobby,with a restricted space in our new home of 7' by 12' plus alittle more space along the wall leading to that room,!0' with only a 15" width.I have experience in model railroading with N,HO & O Scales and of course due to space restrictions N or Ho were a logical choice.Well that was all good until I went to a model railroad show that had all the scales represented and at first I naturally migrated over to both the N & HO modular layouts.I noticed another modular layout on the other side of the hall and as I got closer to it watching the trains roll,I got very interested in what I saw.It was S Scale and the first thought that came to mind was this is like big HO,and while checking out the rest of the show I found myself going right back to that S Scale layout talking to the guys that belonged to that S Scale Modular Club.They were very helpful in answering questions about S Scale and I decided that S Scale was for me,thus the idea of a shortline model railroad in S Scale was born, The Cah S Railroad 

Godbless & Happy S Scale Model Railroading




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