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The Cah S Railroad is a 1/64 scale model railroad,it's here that S Scale rules.
This is a shelf type model railroad with limited space, however I feel blessed for what I have.

My Cah S Railroad is a fictional branchline operated by the Southern Pacific Railroad (Cah Division) connected to it's bigger operations in the city of Gillaspy thru a tunnel at the east end (Craigston) with a few customers to service John's Drums & Percussion Co.(my son) and Michellas Princess Products (my daughter & grand daughter). West of Craigston is Alantown with 2 service tracks with a pulpwood loading operation and team track service.

West of Alantown is the east leg before tunnel #1 of the runaround siding at
Hardingsville every once in a while there's teamtrack activity here when requested,also interchange
service another railroad is active here via the west end at Hardingsville.

I love the idea of personalizing my fictional model railroad which I feel is ok,afterall it's all about
s scale model railroading and what I've created just like alot of others have done.

My Cah S Railroad is a work in progress needs scenery buildings etc.

Happy S Scale Model Railroading




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