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S Scale is a 1/64 model railroading scale,for those who don't know that means
1 inch = 5' plus 4 inches in S Scale,3/16th of an inch = one foot.
The s scale 110 wheels are very close to the prototype and s scale has a certain heftiness quality,
unlike Ho & N which I have modeled in both years ago.It is my goal to promote s scale model railroading so below here are some very good resources online for more s scale.


 The S Scale SIG
The NMRA affiliated Special Interest Group
dedicated to the promotion of 1:64 scale model railroading.
Getting Started in S A Guide to Scale Modeling at 1:64


 The S Scale Resource online magazine
for all things S scale featuring news, photos and articles.


Representing the 1:64 model railroading community


American Models

Buy S Scale Locomotives,Rolling Stock,& more........



 Buy S Scale Brass Locomotives & Rolling Stock


 Tomalco Track

 S Scale Micro Engineering flex track and more...........


 Railway Engineering

 S Scale turnouts and more............


 Custom Trax
 S Scale track & turnouts







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