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by Craig Harding

For those of us who are on a limited budget,I feel it's very important to use any and everything laying around the house both inside and outside including dirt,twigs (trees,pulpwood),plastic tubing,etc.Of course there's still plenty of s scale 1/64 items we need to purchase. for our layouts besides locos and rolling stock,track,etc. I'll be sharing some commentary on this page of my experience working on my Cah S Railroad S Scale ,a simple free lance branchline  bridge route operated by the SP R.R.

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 Making Roads For S Scale Model Railroading

(using extra left over rolled roofing)

on the Cah S Railroad

Yes there are several ways to create and make roads on a model railroad including plaster,foam board etc.,however like I said in my intro,using stuff available around the house helps when on a limited budget.I had some rolled roofing,just sitting there for years I decided to cut a few 5" wide strips 36"  long,and use the smooth backside for my roads.I glued these to cardboard strips with Loctite Power Grab  to give it a firm backing and easy to cut with craft scissors.After gluing them down on the layout,I used 2 artist craft paints "granite grey" & "pavement" something like a 5 to 2 ratio for the weathered weardown road look I wanted. The photos below show the rest of the story including the curved asphalt crossing I decided to do between the tracks.
Happy S Scale Model Railroading-Craig


Please Note: For the darker newer road look I used artist craft paint "pavement" works great via the name of the color,with just a touch of a light grey etc.






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